Books & Publications

Head of the Visual Arts & Designing Departments, FUNOON (Arts) Magazine, Baghdad, Iraq (250,000 copies a week) Sept. 1980- Sept. 1983

Editor in Chief & Head of the Designing Department, Orient Magazine, MI, USA 1995-1996

Publisher and Editor of the following magazines:
Chaldean Guardian, Babylon Today, Kaldu, & the Hammer (1998-2003), along with The Chaldean National Calendar (2002-present).

Author of five historical books:
  • Ur of Chaldees-A Native Iraqi’s Perspective (Baghdad 1988)
  • Divinities and Devils – A research about the symbols of Mesopotamian Gods, Goddesses, and Demons (Baghdad 1989)
  • Chaldeans…An Everlasting Sun (Detroit 1997)
  • Assyrians…State Inhabitants or Ethnic Group? (Detroit 2001)
  • Better Understanding Iraq "Chaldeans ... Since the Early Beginning of Time" The Native Iraqi’s History, a 400 pages academic study (Detroit, Dec. 2004 / Second Edition, Erbil, Iraq 2008)

One encyclopedic art book:
  • Styles, Terms, and Techniques…Art and Architecture Throughout History (Baghdad 1990)
One historical novel:
  • An ma-gour (Baghdad 1990)
Two art criticism book:
  • The New Generation's Artists ... 1980-1987, Baghdad 1988
  • The Arabislamic Art Between Realty and Illusion, Baghdad 1990
Three Science-fiction novels for teens:
  • Knights of the Space, Baghdad 1984
  • The Phantom Planet, Baghdad 1988
  • The Shifting, Baghdad 1992
Two illustrated linguistic books:
  • Chaldean English-Arabic Picture Dictionary 2002
  • Chaldean Reading Book: Beginners 2003
One Bi-Cultural / Bilingual book (English & Iraqi Slang):

A memorable photo shows the author and the artist Amer presenting his book
(Winning IRAQ) in Baghdad to the Commanding General Raymond T. Odierno,
United States Forces - Iraq

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The Untold Story of Native Iraqis - Book Review

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The Untold Story of Native Iraqis

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Chaldeans Since The Early Begging of Time (Arabic)


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Shathat’s Garden (Book of Poems, Arabic)

The Transformation (Science fiction Novel, Arabic)

Knights of the Space (Science fiction Novel, Arabic)

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Chaldean English-Arabic Picture Dictionary 2002

Chaldean Reading Book: Beginners 2003