LAYLA ... An Iraqi Candle In the Night


On November 21st, 2004 while Layla, a mother of two orphans, was heading home at Al-Dawara in Baghdad, a fanatic Islamist thug stopped her and ordered her to take off her Cross so she could become clean again!

Layla refused to remove her Cross using strict and polite words. The extremist Moslem reached to her Cross, snapped it off, threw it on the ground, then grabbed his gun and shot her in the head.

Like Layla, Chaldeans (Native Iraqis-Christians) and other non-Moslem minorities (Jews, Minda'ians, & Yazidis) have suffered horrific violence by Extremist Islamist Arabs.

Today Christian Iraqis and non-Moslem minorities face the darkest phase of extremist groups in Middle East history. What is shocking is that the whole world is tongue-tied, just watching, in silence, the ongoing genocide of Christians and other non-Moslem minorities!

This genocide is the result of the Saudi Wahabist ideology, and is part of many previous Christian persecution periods that were started a long time ago in the Middle East. This new phase was well planned and financed by Saudi princes, sheikhs and fanatic Wahabist imams of Saudi Arabia, the most extremist Moslem country in the world. Not to mention the other Islamist player, Iran. Their militia is mostly concerned in enforcing Islamic law by forcing the non-Moslem women to wear Islamic clothing, prohibiting the selling of alcohol and a few other practices that are considered a clear violation of Human Rights and the UN Bill of Rights.

Due to their tremendous positive impact on Iraq's daily life, the ongoing ordeals of Non-Moslem Iraqis especially Christians are the worst example in comparison to the ordeals experienced by other Middle Eastern Christians. The orchestrated killing, the raping of women and young girls and the looting of fortunes and properties are common daily practices in Iraq these days. Recently, converting Christians to Islam by force has become the extremist's new operation. If one refuses to convert, he or she faces the two laws governing Islam's Shari'a: either having to flee their homeland or being beheaded.

Amer Hanna Fatuhi, who lost his sister-in-law Layla in 2004, created ten art works using Layla as a symbol for the ongoing genocide of Iraqi Christians. He intends to show these art works in the coming weeks at a suitable place (unconfirmed), to reach out to those individuals and organizations that are concerned with providing equality to all human beings.

To learn more about this project or about the ongoing sufferings of Iraqi Christians and other minorities in this Iraqi reign of chaos, or if you are interested in supporting the spreading of this crucial message to the whole world to SAVE Iraqi Christians and other minorities in Iraq and the Middle East, kindly visit the visual artist and historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi at: or