A New Gateway

I have been thinking for more than two years to add this main page (4SALE) to my site, simply because of the many requests and e-mails from friends and other collectors who often visited my art gallery (Mesopotamia) to purchase one or more of my art works before merging it with IAA in 2008.

Unfortunately, I am not that savvy at running business through the Internet; furthermore, I am not currently available in the States because of my work on my next book (The Art of Native Iraqis) that is causing me to travel a lot to Iraq and other countries to finish my research.

However, the endeavor to start this page at these challenging times from my viewpoint is more essential and more crucial than pleasing friends and collectors or selling art works, although pleasing those who are dear and near to my heart as well as selling art works are important things in life. In fact this page is kind of an open channel or a gateway for another dimension between me and those who are supporting me in the journey of enjoying my art works, so kindly e-mail me your take and thoughts about the art works that are placed on this page and I’ll choose one whole or in part message every month to post on the section below (Your Take, View, and Perspective).

Enjoy the art, because if there is no Art Work, there will be no Love and if there is no Love there will definitely be no Life!

Amer H. Fatuhi


Subject: Fertile Crescent
Technique: Mixed Media on Canson Paper
Measurements: working area
40 x 40 Cm
Date: 1992
Condition: Excellent
Signature: Yes


Subject: Kurds' Dance
Technique: Digital Print with Aquarelle on Canvas
Measurements: 10 x 13.5 Inches
Date: 2006
Condition: Excellent
Numbered: (Limited number 12 Copies, # 3/12)
Signature: Yes