1- Hard Time, Amer Hanna Fatuhi's First One-man Exhibition was sponsored and promoted by Arts Magazine. The Editor in chief, Dr. M. Jazarie, carried out the ribbon-cut at the Cultural Museum of the University of Technology on December 15, 1981.
2- UNESCO / aiap award 1984. Artist Amer H. Fatuhi won the Art Critic Award of the International Association of Art. Iaa/aiap at the 1984 Wasiti Annual Festival, the National Museum of Modern Art NMMA. This same artwork (East of the Mediterranean) was looted from the NMMA in 2003.
3- Home of Madness, Amer Hanna Fatuhi's Second One-man Exhibition. Both national and international media outlets covered this art exhibition. The opening inauguration took place at #1 National Art Gallery on October 3, 1987.
4- Horizon Art Group 1986. Horizon art group is considered the last Mesopotamian postmodernism movement. The founding artists displayed their artworks at Riwaq Art Gallery and the National Plastic Artist Society. However, artist Fatuhi was detained and tortured for writing the group's manifest (Follow Your Dream). The group's activities were put on hold, and later on, they disbanded.
5- Siege Art Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art 1992. A Two-man art exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Another bold art exhibit that caused artist Fatuhi several interrogations. Although, Fatuhi started using the Eight Milliunnum B.S. Mesopotamian Picto-graph symbols in 1988, especially through his created technique Hot-mono-print. Siege was the major shift in his art career.
6- The Chamber, Third One-man Exhibition. Artist Fatuhi settled in Amman, Jordan, for three years, teaching his Hot-mono-print and other techniques at his studio. Fatuhi was invited and supported by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, M. Lahham, to show his artworks at Baladna Art Gallery. The ribbon-cut of the art exhibition was performed by the Deputy Minister of Culture, M. N. Amayrah, on October 12, 1992. The exhibition was under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, Dr. M. Samra. National media outlets covered the art exhibition.
7- Looking for another Paradise, Artist Fatuhi's Fourth One-man Exhibition, at El Instituto Cervantes on October 10, 1994. As a result of King Juan Carlos I's visit to the Cervantes Institute, two of Fatuhi's artworks were purchased as an exceptional gesture to the center policy. Later on, the Ambassador of Spain and the Spain Councilor received Artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi on Spain National Day.
8- Mesopotamian Eyes art exhibition at Dimensions Art Gallery, Ferndale, MI on November 10, 1999; this art exhibition resulted from professional association with the prominent European artist John Romi who played a major role in curating the show. It is worth noting that Dimensions' grand opening show that lasted from June 2 to July 14 found great success and put the gallery on the art map of Michigan.
9- April 22, 2005: Mesopotamia Art Gallery grand opening "Masterpieces Art Exhibition". On that day, the president and the senior art director of MAH&B, Amer Fatuhi, awarded the businessman T. Daoud (a strong voice for the American-Israeli cultural & heritage friendship) a special award for the continuous support of MAH&B. The Gallery Staff also extended their sincere thanks to one of the main curators, artist John Romi.
10- May 4, 2006: Mesopotamia Art Gallery hosted a presentation about the Babylon Museum of Native Chaldeans and Jewish of Babylon. The presentation was conducted by the visual artist and historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi in collaboration with artist John Romi. John assisted in supervising the event and assisted in designing the presentation art materials.
It is worth noting that the improved museum was opened in Detroit on August 31, 2002 under the previous name National Museum of Babylonia under the supervision of artist & historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi.
11- August 25, 2006: Mesopotamia Art Gallery held a live concert with a special guest. The concert was Supervised by artist John Romi and included the singers Stephanie Angeline, Kristen Shankleton, Angie Potter, and Stephanie Newman.
12- January 13-17, 2007: Artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi accepted an invitation from the Iraqi Cultural Attaché in the U.S.A. to curate and supervise the first historical Art Exhibition by the prominent Iraqi-American Artists at Katzen Museum, American University, Washington DC.
13- Layla … A Candle in the Night Exhibition is an exceptional show that tells the story of the long-suffering and ordeal of Christian Iraqis, Jews, and Mandaeans, which escalated since the 2003 war in Iraq facing the darkest phase of extremist groups in the Middle East history. What is shocking is that the whole world is tongue-tied, just watching the ongoing genocide of these indigenous people in silence!
Artist Fatuhi was inspired by the true tragedy of a young female "Layla" a single mother of two children who was shot six times in the head for refusing to denounce her faith!
The opening reception took place at the Royal Oak Public Library, MI, showroom on July 31, 2007. A large number of both communities, Chaldean and Jews, attended and covered the show, particularly art lovers, humanitarians, and media outlets. The show was also displayed at Troy public Library's showcasing room on September 10, 2008. Due to the importance of the message, the show was displayed at Wayne State University as part of the cultural-educational program entitled "Babylon … Walking on Cracked Ice" on April 1, 2015.
14- In a collaboration between Madonna University and Mesopotamia Art Gallery, The Other Frontier's art exhibition, curated by artists Amer Hanna Fatuhi and John Romi, took place between January 16 and 23. Artist Fatuhi also held two presentations about the endangered landmark "The Fredum Monemount" attended by students, professors, and public guests. Furthermore, artist Fatuhi wrote and directed a documentary film about the monument assisted by the multimedia expert Nannar Shendaj.
15- Enduring Spirit art exhibition was opened on August 23 and publicly celebrated on September 15, 2008, at the Museum of New Art in Pontiac. The Chaldean Educational Center of America (CECA) collaborated with the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs (MCACA), and Mesopotamia Art, History & Beyond (Learning Studio & Art Gallery). These organizations sponsored and presented a selection of 30 artworks. Artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi, the president of CECA, and artist Lavon Ammori, MAH&B art director, were the exhibition's curators. In contrast, artist John Romi was the unknown soldier behind the successful selection of participant artists and artworks.
16- As a U.S. Army S.M.E. representative and a liaison between the U.S. Army and the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi Supervised the Modern Art Exhibition of a selected group of the most prominent Iraqi Artists under the patronage of the U.S. Cultural Ambassador, Her Excellency Jeanine Jackson on June 27, 2009. Artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi also designed the event brochure, toured the V.I.P guests, and gave a brief presentation about Mesopotamian art, past and present.
PS. The Iraqi Art Night postcard was redesigned based on the original 2009 flyer.
17 - 2012 Roots art exhibition, a ten on ten Chaldean-Jewish American artist exhibition at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. The opening reception with artists took place on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
18- In addition to curating and participating in Akitu Annual Festival 2014-2018 (Paintings & Digital Arts), artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi collaborated with artists John Romi and Annie Salatyan to host mini-showcasing shows at atelier a, i.e., Yerevan by Annie Salatyan 2018, Mother Earth by John Romi, in 2019 and The Rose and the Ember by Amer H. Fatuhi in 2020.
19- Since 2004, Artists Fatuhi, a scholar in ancient Mesopotamian history, started creating more accurate Mesopotamian artworks, i.e., Digital Art Paintings, Sculptures, and Digital Art museum-quality artworks.
See: http://ea-artg.com/digital-art-nft/original-museum-quality-digital-art
q 20- Fatuhi has been working patiently and passionately on two postponed art exhibitions (The Flower & the Fire) with artist John Romi about the untold story of the Genocide of Chaldeans & Jewish of Babylon "Sayfo/Farhood". Artist Fatuhi is also working on his coming sixth art exhibition (Babylon, Love, Chaos, and Beyond).

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